Convention in Athens
Join us in Athens for: "The Ikaros Games"

Come and join us in Athens!

On May the 19th and 20th 2023, the NVOI (Dutch Society of Oral Implantology) will organize its lustrum congress in the Hyatt Hotel in Athens:
The name of our scientific program is
The Ikaros Games”.

The name can be traced back to the myth of Ikaros, for whom father, also inventor Daedalus made a framework of feathers and wax to escape from Crete. But he warned him not to fly too low, because the seawater would make the feathers too heavy, but also not to fly too high, because the sun would melt the wax… which eventually happened when Ikaros became too overconfident.

‘Balancing between over- and underachieving’ will also be the theme of our 2-day scientific program with a number of international top speakers such as Howard Gluckman (Cape Town), Dennis Tarnow (New York), Stavros Pelekanos (Athens) and Oded Bahat (Los Angeles). Will you join us at the conference? If so, press the red button to send us an e-mail with your personal information.



  • Dates: May 19th and 20th 2023
  • Location: Grand Hyatt Hotel Athens (Greece)
  • Costs: € 795,00 (flight not included)
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